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Guild Badges
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Bard of the Overseer

In the worlds of the ARK, words and music are not just vibrations of air, but vocalizations with power all their own. The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain.

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Manticore Paladin

Divine magic, flowing from them into the ARK. Manticore Paladins are conduits for healing & tank power, manifesting it as miraculous effects. The Manticore only grant this power, to those chosen to fulfill a high calling.


Druids of Helena

Druids of Helena revere nature above all, gaining their spells and other magical powers DNA obelisk matter. Druids pursue a mystic & Biological transcendent union with the ARK, as well as its elemental forces. 


R - Necromancer

A necromancer is a caster that is able to expel negative elemental energies flowing through their veins. Necromancers are similar to Avatar Mages, but are more adept with Re-animating on the ARK without the Overseer knowing.


Santiago Barbarian

To a MEK or (Santiago) barbarian, civilization is no virtue, but a sign of weakness. The strong embrace their animal nature—keen instincts, primal physicality, and ferocious rage. Most are found to still live on earth in the wasteland, driving 300 year old Meks.


Federation Ranger

Warriors of the wilderness, rangers specialize in hunting creatures that threaten the ARK. They learn to track their quarry as a predator does, moving stealthily through the wilds and hiding themselves in brush and rubble. Animal familiars are common.

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Monk of Mei Yin Li

Using element energy, monks channel uncanny speed and strength into their unarmed strikes. As they gain experience, their martial training and their mastery of ki gives them more power over their bodies and the bodies of their foes.


Element Mage

 Avatar Mages aspire to become like the gods, shaping reality itself using science and magic. Though the casting of a typical spell requires merely the utterance of a few strange words, fleeting gestures, and sometimes a pinch or clump element ore. 

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