Welcome to PVP Role Play
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Rules & Rates


- be hateful, vulgar, obscene, unnecessarily rude,  - ---- spam the chat or advertise.

- have any of the above as part of your steam, player 

or tribe name.

- build near obvious no build areas such as player spawns, artifacts or pathways.

- leave your taming traps all over the map.

base near or hide behind another tribe.

- hack, exploit or otherwise cheat OR involve yourself with those that cheat.

- Clutter the map with spam OR block spawns (structures or dinos).

- raid new players.

They have 48 hours unless you can prove they attacked you first. no combat logging.

- impersonate staff or high profile players with steam, player or tribe name.


- Play without exploits.

- Report people who break rules.

- Accept help from seasoned players.

- Read Wiki or Google for info.

- Enjoy the game with etiquette and self-respect.

Rates are 10X ALL

Award and Penalty