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Corrupted Event Tips & Info

Corrupted Event this weekend on Purple Frog's Cluster Servers!

Q & A & Tips on the event

  • What kind of animals can come with beacons/loot crates or spawn in non typical areas? Any Animal specific to the Extinction DLC including Titans.

  • What would cause a beacon or loot drop? Beacons are random but can be drawn to dino and structure HP, Age and concentration.

  • Will beacon/Drops spawn in my base or walls? Yes its possible and a few animals (usually passive may spawn inside). remember to put unwanted tames outside of your walls.

  • Is there any other way to get my drops to spawn outside of my base? Yes its possible: Higher HP and older (not recently tamed) animals like Wyverns, Gigas, T-Rex's, are likely to increase the loot quality drops in the base area for the rest of the weekend. Remember to keep them outside of your walls like a sacrifice.


Loot quality GIVEN does NOT always equate to the difficulty of the animals spawned. It is the PROBABILITY that has been increased. It is still luck. However, your chances do increase when the difficulty is high.

- Players presence increases loot quality probability and decrease difficulty slightly. Spawns can and will occur regardless if a player never logs on.

- Stone & metal is good but TEK structures are best: Extinction Animals can destroy metal and even TEK. The stronger the better.

- If you see a drop/loot get it quickly, it will cease the spawn. - Some of the spawned animals can be tamed, enjoy!

- Place guard animals on neutral if possible in case you are attacked, none are completely safe.

- Putting creatures you want to protect inside is a good idea, but its an even better idea to have interior defenses. Aggressive spawns inside are rare but they do occur. Animals can also glitch in structures sometimes as we all know

- The event can go dormant for a while. Try to look at it as an opportunity for the server, the players and the admins to get a break.

- There are sometimes patterns in spawns but they can always change in an instant.

- TEK Turrets and plant X are your friends against corrupted as well as Groups of rexes or corrupted hunters. Invest in them.

-This is also a PVP setting on our server regardless of our raid patrol. (Don't forget to set on Wild as well as players and tames to prevent trolls) - Raging and excessive complaints can result in a ban. We are also learning and tweaking our events. We want to hear your opinions however we ask that you put your suggestions here so we can make the events better for all. I will add to this as I think of more tips for you guys. Thank you so much for your patience and we hope your all having fun!


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