Trade Quest

Pirates are known for their exotic travels, leading them to locations with strange and bizarre creatures. Buccaneer Tess has offered a reward to the first three "Rare Sighting" animals that were tamed at 300 level and above. Ahoy! 

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Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png

Claim your Bootie


- Follow the code: Any evidence of discourteous behavior excludes this reward.

- Tribe Log Screen Shot must be legible and shown clearly

- Tame must be a min level of 300 prior to submission

- Must be tames on Lost Island

- First three approved submissions win. (These tames are rare, so please dont cry about how hard it is to find) Rewards come to those that earn them.

How to claim your reward

1. Screen shot your tribe log

2. Click on Claim Reward button, (make account if needed) and submit your screenshot
3 Await within 48 hours of approval. If approved, your gold will be shown in your account!

Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png