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Rare Crystal Isle Creature Quest

1000 RP Gold for Proof of a crystal tame for any Crystal Mod creature OVER 219 on Fjordur or higher! (Must show 220 or higher prior to tame in a soul trap screen shot)


*Only one screenshot at a time per entry up to 10

Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png

Claim your Reward


How to claim your 1000 RP Gold per tame reward

1. Take a Screen shot of the animal in a SOUL TRAP showing the 220 tame on the Fjordur map.

2. Click on Claim Reward button below, (make account if needed) 

3. DO NOT TITLE topic (it will already be titled)
4. Upload your screenshot. Submit Topic. Await approval within 48 hours. If approved, your RP gold will be shown in your account! (Yes RP Gold may be transferred to In game gold on request)



- Any evidence of discourteous behavior disqualifies this reward.

- ONLY 1 Animal PER topic submission at a time. Soul Trap Screen Shot must be legible. Max at 10 Entries.

- Tame must be a min level of 220+ prior to submission

-Any creatures from the mod are eligible. 

Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png
Purple Striptest.png
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