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Click on this link to Join the PVE-C Server


  1. KoS (Kill on Sight) is ALLOWED, However If you repeatedly KoS you may recieve a temp ban 1 - PVP is enabled 24/7. Raiding is currently enabled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4PM - 9PM PST (6pm-11pm CT) (7pm-12pm EST).
    2 - Making personal attacks regarding Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, ETC. Keep it a friendly environment and keep the trash talking and ranting to a minimum.

    3 - Camping near public maps or obelisks is strictly prohibited. Safe zones must be respected or a ban could occur.
    4 - Do not door camp outside raid hours, ie. Spawn killing
    5 - Lances are NOT allowed!
    6 - The use of any exploits including invincibility, duplicating, stats, etc. is not allowed
    7 - Don't disrespect the staff of this server... We are only here to help
    8 - No NSFW images, chat or links in chat.
    9 - Land claim spamming is not allowed! (excessive spamming of unneeded foundations and boxes/vaults, to prevent others from building)
    10 - Blocking of paths, resources, bosses, thrall npcs, and baby spawns is not allowed! (buildings will be removed) 11 - The killing of Guarding/Scouting thralls & pets with the use of palisades. Is not allowed! 12 - 4 Vaults allowed per clan. 1 Extra vault allowed during raiding, must be removed after raid. 13 - Only 6 Fish traps allowed per clan (This includes shellfish traps!) And only 6 compost heaps allowed per clan. 14 - No spamming of torches, lighting, braziers or decorations. 15 - No cold or heat traps ie, torches, furnaces! 16 - Only 2 maprooms allowed per clan. There are plenty around the map available! 17 - No thrall/pet stacking allowed! (edited)

  2. 18 - Don't be over excessive with the stacking. 19 - No exploitable defenses ie, Beehives & Thrones! 20 - No Foundations for wall. This can cause lag. A base that is causing lag for the server will be cleared. 21 - You have until Tuesday to clear your raided base or repair it, or you risk it being removed (contact an admin if you cant be on for a while) 22a) - If an alliance member is being attacked/raided your clan may respond -- To ONLY help PVP -- ONLY 6v6. -- 22b) - Alliances are not allowed to offensively attack the same target at the same time. Taking turns raiding will count as raiding at the same time. 22c) - Swapping members between the alliance members is strictly off limits without admin approval. 22d) - Raiding with allies is strictly prohibited! (meaning blowing things up!) Alliances should be strictly helping with PvP ONLY. 23 - No Enclosed Trebuchets. 24 - FOBs (Buildings meant to be used while raiding) Are only allowed to be built in raid hours, and must be taken down after raid hours are completed. 25 - Only raid people who are on a even playing field with you. ie, if you're built in T3 and have been playing for awhile, leave the poor guy in T1 alone! Unless they have been built that way for over a week. 27 - Try to only take what you NEED, and to not zero a player out. ie, blowing up all of their benches (unless it can't be helped)

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